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Protect Yourself and Your Guests:  Make sure your decorator is licensed and inspected through their state and fully insured.  In NH there are two classifications of home licenses 1.) Decorators earning under a certain $ amount per year  - don't have to have their kitchens inspected. :-(  2.) for decorators earning over a certain amount per year, their kitchens need to be inspected by the DHHS.  Always visit the kitchen your cake will be created in 
Please see bottom of  the page for dates already booked.   I've been "Overly Blessed"  :-)
Availability for 2015 

"On Hold":  Means that a taste test has been booked and I'm holding the date for them until we meet.


May - One Opening
05/02/15 C & R - Dell Lea
05/03/15 Shelter From The Storm Benefit - Woodbound Inn, Rindge, NH from 5 to 9p.m. - please join us for "A Taste of Monadnock"
05/16/15 Open
05/23/15 Unavailable - Family Day
05/30/15 S.R. - Alyson's Orchard 

June - One Opening
06/06/15 S & A - The Shattuck
06/13/15 Shower Cakes
06/14/15 M & A - Hidden Hills 
06/20/15 A.I. Hidden Hills
06/20/15 T.N. Curtis Farm, Wilton, NH
06/27/15 Open

July - One Opening
07/04/15 - July 4th (unavailable)
07/05/15 - VC&WR, Pleasant Lake, Warner, NH
07/11/15  W & S - Pat's Peak
07/18/15 - Open
07/19/15 - S.L. - Hidden Hills
07/24/15  J.B. - Hidden Hills Courtyard
07/25/15 - EM & MO - Stonebridge Country Club

August - One Opening
08/01/15 A&TF, Bedford Village Inn
08/08/15 Open
08/15/15 K.R. - Cobb Hill Estate
08/22/15 R & A - Alyson's Orchard, Walpole, NH
08/22/15 M.R. -  Flag Hill Winery
08/28/15 K & M - Del Lea
08/29/15 L & D - Allrose Farm, Greenfield, NH

September:  One Opening
09/05/15 A & D - The Shattuck, Jaffrey, NH
09/06/15 N & T - The Shattuck
09/11/15 JBR - TBD
09/12/15 C.C. - Alyson's Orchard
09/19/15 M.L - The Shattuck, Jaffrey, NH
09/26/15 Open
October is booked solid.  So sorry.
10/03/15 C.M. - Keene Country Club, Keene, NH
10/10/15 K.H.  - The Shattuck
10/10/15 S & A - Hidden Hills, Rindge, NH
10/17/15 K.W. - The Shattuck
10/24/15 T & A - Alyson's Orchard, Walpole, NH
10/24/15 S & S - Woodbound Inn
November - All dates open
05/28/16 - R & Z - Woodbound Inn
07/23/16 A.K. - Alyson's Orchard
If your wedding cake has to be an original, book early  :-)  
A good decorator is hard to find.  Reservations are made a year or more in advance,  because nothing beats a New England wedding - especially in the Fall!
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NEW IDEA:  Burlap and Lace Wedding Cake Cups  Eaten with a fork!!  :-) 
Sugar Flowers  Sugar Fabric - Sugar Leaves - Orange and navy blue wedding cake.

Congratulations Zachary and Fawn.  Married at the Keene Country Club on 10/19/13.  A cascade of sugar pumpkins and sugar leaves to coordinate with the Keene Pumpkin Festival.
Most requested cake, NH Birch Bark.  New Hampshire's Official State Tree.
Apple Basket Wedding Cake.
Can be filled with flowers, mini pumpkins and sugar leaves for your apple orchard Spring, Fall or Summer wedding. 
After 16 years of Taste Tests, I've finally developed the ideal wedding cake for New Hampshire Grooms entitled "What HE Wants".  :-)  Not a real cake,  it's covered in fabric and spoofs the "Duck Dynasty guy" in all country grooms.  See a closeup on my "unusual cakes" page.  :-)
P.S. The antlers were found by the creator of the stand, in the woods.  No deer was harmed in the making of this stand :-)
Fun modern wedding cake!!

Weddings, Wedding VenuesTastefully Wright Cakes, LLC, Best Wedding Cakes in Concord, Nashua, Manchester - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner
Offering Vegan and Gluten Free!
Lighthouse Wedding Cake.  Hand crafted cake stand, edible fencing, chocolate seashells and the light in the handmade lighthouse slowly toggles on and off.  Perfect!
Car or Truck Tire Birthday / Grooms Cake.  Yup, it's all edible!
A new technique:  Navy blue edible lace with lace flowers Can be tinted to match your reception décor.
Question:  Why did the Bride and Groom want a mouse on their wedding cake?  Because it's not a mouse, it's a "Sugar Glider".  Their "baby" had to be included somewhere on the cake.  I made him out of a bakable clay, inserted two antique black button eyes from my Grandmother's button box and painted him with acrylic, then stood back and wondered if I had truly captured his likeness - and would the couple be pleased?  I put him in the center of a sugar peony with white chocolate glue and he kept staring at me.  I smiled every time I looked at him, so I knew he would be a hit.  And THAT'S how you personalize a wedding cake for your very special day.  :-)
Congratulations Marie and Jenn.  Beautiful three tiered cake rimmed with edible chocolate barbed wire and surrounded with "Cake Cups".  5/03/14
I thought this might get your attention.   Hot pink corset on a hat box cake for a bridal shower at the Best Western in Keene, NH  Can you believe the lace is totally edible!  Congratulations Heather on your upcoming marriage.
Gorgeous color combination - bright yellow and aqua.  Sugar gerbera daisies, sugar calla lilies and sugar hydrangea.  5/17/14 Hidden Hills, Rindge, NH
Peachy-Pink sugar doily wedding cake decorated with small silver candies.  Simply Elegant.  5/17/14 The Shattuck Golf Club in Jaffrey, NH
Congratulations Heather and Chris.  Married on 5/31/14 at the Keene Country Club.  Lots of sugar flowers and sugar lace to sweeten the day - and the sun came out on time for their outdoor ceremony. 
Congratulations Kari & A.J., Married May 25th, 2014 at the Woodbound Inn, Rindge, NH  ----->
Three complimentary cake selections for your taste test.  One plate for each attendee.
Great idea:  INDIVIDUAL TABLE CAKES used in place of centerpieces.  Different flavors entice guests to visit neighboring tables to see what flavors they have - great conversation starter.  The bride created silk flower arrangements as toppers.  When it's time to cut the cake, guests can't wait to taste what they've been looking at for hours.  Helps bring two different families together and any cake left can be brought home by guests.  But the biggest plus is to avoid cutting and serving costs your venue will charge and to save money on centerpieces  :-)
Congratulations Jamie and Mikey.  Married on 6/21/14 at the stone church in Brookline, reception at the Brookline Event Center.  Rainbow sugar calla lilies, embossed sugar swags, fairy berries hidden behind the flowers and under the plateau fabric.  Alternating tiers of Lemon/raspberry and Strawberry Champagne Cake.
Sarah and Alex looking like the cover of a bridal magazine.  So beautiful!!
Photo Credit to:  Mark Davidson Photography.
Cake Cup Tower of Treats for Molly and Zach.  Married at the Keene Country Club on 7/19/14
Isn't this cute?  Turquoise puppy pawprints on the icing of each Cake Cup.  8/8/14 Hidden Hills.
Ok, so how cool is This!!!  New technique from England and Australia  -  Edible Lace.    Lake Falls Lodge, Stoddard, NH 08-09-14
Photo by Catherine's Concepts.
Welcome Fall and the beginning of the Birch Bark Wedding Cake Season.  Stenciled Icing Ferns and Chocolate Pinecones.  Hidden Hills, 9-6-14
So elegant.  Purple Picasso Calla Lilies made of sugar.  Wispy tulle bow and "bling" loops.  Hidden Hills, Rindge, NH  9-14-14
Burlap and edible Fall Leaves Cake Cups.  Impressive.  
9-13-14 Brookline Event Center, Brookline, NH
Purple Picasso Sugar Calla Lilies. Rhinestone banded Cake Cups in Hazelnut Creme, Pumpkin Mousse and Dark Chocolate Cake with raspberry.  9-14-14   ------>
Cute cake topper the couple came up with.  Bear and Moose in a boat. Bear is wearing a lace veil matching the one made by the bride. -------->
RiverView Hotel, Chesterfield, NH 
Dramatic and bold.  Reception colors were chocolate  brown and pumpkin.  Love it.  Hidden Hills, Rindge, NH 09-20-14
As you have noticed, my most popular design is the Birch Bark cake.  This one is unique in that the cake has raspberry liquor drizzled over each tier so the cupcakes are left "undrizzled" for the children.  Congratulations Jeremy and Teri - married at The Shattuck Golf Club in Jaffrey on 09-28-14
Close-up of the birch bark cake and sugar flowers.
Carolanne and Cote.  Married 10/18/14.  Colors were silver and (in the Grooms words) Home Depot Orange!  We all Loved it!    Actual colors to the right ---------->
The last wedding cake of 2014.  Congratulations Sarah and Alex, married at the Cranwell Estate in Lenox, MA.  Country ruffled stripes and stucco swirls.  11/23/14
WeddingWire Tastefully Wright Cakes, LLC Reviews, Best Wedding Cakes in Concord, Nashua, Manchester - 2015 Couples' Choice Award Winner
Little Madelyn:  What a wonderful way to turn "1".
Vanilla cake tinted pink with pink icing roses and white snowflakes.